Pillows for side sleepers

Pillows for Side Sleepers: The Best and Worst for Your Sleeping Style

pillows for side sleepers

Pillows for side sleepers

Are you a side sleeper? You probably don’t know it, but you are probably sleeping in the wrong position. Think about it: Side sleepers seem to roll toward the outside of their bed. Also known as dominant sleepers, they tend to feel most comfortable and restful when they can prop themselves up on one or both sides. The problem is that this position, which our bodies evolved for resting while lying down with our knees bent and feet flat on the ground, doesn’t work so well with today’s beds and pillows. In fact, many modern mattresses, foam pillows, and adjustable bases are specially designed for back sleepers only.

If you spend most of your nights tossing and turning because you can’t get comfortable in your bed, then it might be time to switch up your sleeping habits. Luckily, there are lots of ways to improve your side-sleep experience at home without spending money on expensive new furniture or a special mattress. The key is to find the right pillow… and that is where pillows for side sleepers can help.

What Makes a Good Side Sleeper Pillow?

Pillows are typically classified by the type of filling they contain. Some common types are down, feather and foam. The fillings can be used in different combinations depending on the type of sleeper you are and the amount of comfort you need. For a side sleeper, one option is to use a pillow with a medium-firm or firm feel that has a denser or more concentrated fill than most pillows.

Good pillows for side sleepers should help align your neck, spine, and head in alignment with your hip and shoulder joints. The natural curve of your neck will naturally end up being parallel with the rest of your body if you have a pillow that supports this positioning. You’ll also get all the benefits of having a good support for your head and neck as well as helping to improve air flow throughout the night because it will keep your head cool while sleeping with your face against it.

Which is Best for Side Sleepers?

Good quality pillows for side sleepers should offer firm support and be designed to maintain the natural curve of your neck. They should also be long enough to keep your head and neck stable all night long, which helps prevent pain in the morning.

A good choice would be an orthopedic memory foam pillow like the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme or Contour Pillow. These are both made with materials that conform to your head and neck while offering excellent support. If you want something less costly, consider buying a down alternative like the Sleep Master Essential or a feather/down pillow like the Queen Mattress Down Alternative Pillow or Amerisleep Forsatex Memory Foam Pillow.

Remember: The key for side sleepers is finding a pillow that stays within your body’s natural shape and offers firm support without over-stretching or compressing your head and neck.

All About Bases for Side Sleepers

The first thing to consider when choosing a base is how much of an incline you need. An incline is the angle that your bed makes with the ground. If you only want to sit up slightly, then you can do that by just resting on the edge of the bed or using a bed wedge. But if you need more of an incline, then you’ll have to invest in either a raised base or a memory foam mattress pad.

If you decide to go for a raised base, then make sure it supports your hips, so there’s no pressure on your tailbone. There are three types of bases: slatted, platform and adjustable. A slatted base is good for people who prefer not to put too much weight on their backs and prefer to sleep flat on their stomachs. It has horizontal bars that create spaces for air circulation underneath so as not to cause sweat buildup and heat retention.

Platform bases are great if you want more support under your legs but don’t need as much height because they offer less surface area than slatted bases. And adjustable bases allow side sleepers to customize their own comfort level by adjusting the angles that they would like the bed at night and day time based on their preference and body type.

U-shaped pillows: A better choice for side sleepers

If you sleep on your side and have trouble getting comfortable, then consider an U-shaped pillow. It’s designed with a gentle curve to support your head and neck without putting pressure on your ears or neck. Also, these pillows can provide a lot of support in the body’s natural resting position for side sleepers. They’ll help prevent painful muscle spasms that can occur when you’re sleeping on your stomach.
Pillow brands: Snuggle-Pedic, MyPillow

Cervical Pillows: Good for Stomach and Stretching Slepts

Cervical pillows are the best choice for side sleepers. These pillows have a shape that wraps around your neck, providing a soft and comfortable surface for your head to rest on. They also help promote better spinal alignment and reduce the risk of snoring, as they can be positioned lower than other types of pillows.

How do cervical pillows work?
A cervical pillow is designed to support the natural curve of your neck in specific areas by providing gentle support in different directions. For example, the pillow will provide some gentle lateral force while you’re facing away from your partner so that you don’t roll onto them during the night. It will also provide resistance against your head in order to stop it from rolling into the pillow when you turn or move in bed.

Round Bottomed Shaped Pillows

One pillow that can be used for all sleeping positions is a round-bottomed shaped pillow. They are the best choice for side sleepers because they don’t have the tendency to roll or poke your face in any one position. They are also great for stomach, back, and stretching sleepers because they keep your neck in an upright position and pull your head away from your pillow. If you have a breathing condition like sleep apnea, these pillows are especially helpful as they keep you from snoring.

The one drawback: Round-bottomed shaped pillows don’t offer a lot of support, so if you’re looking for something with more structure and firmness, you might want to consider other options before buying a round-bottomed one.


Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position and is becoming more and more popular. Pillows are one of the most important tools for side sleepers, as they can affect how well you sleep. But not all side sleeper pillows are created equal.

Some pillows are good for stomach sleepers and others are good for back sleepers. U-shaped pillows are better for side sleepers with a flat or straight back. Cervical pillows are good for stomach sleepers, as well as for stretching out your spine when you’re lying in bed. Round bottomed shaped pillows are better for back sleepers.

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Pillows for side sleepers
Pillows for side sleepers
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