Pillows for side sleepers

What Causes Insomnia and how to treat it

what causes insomnia

There are many different reasons for what causes insomnia. Certain circumstances tend to increase an individual’s likelihood of experiencing insomnia: Longevity. Over-60s have increased insomnia. Persistent depression Stress, worry, and other health issues might increase sleeplessness. Causes of Transient & Intermittent Insomnia Insomnia is frequently caused by the following:: Anxiety Environmental noise Excessive temperature Differences […]

What are the Most Common Sleep Disorders?

common sleep disorders

Common Sleep Disorders There are a surprising number of sleep disorders, and millions of people suffer from them right now. Many more don’t realize they have a sleep disorder and lose hundreds of hours of sleep a year. Sleep disorders are a serious problem. What can we do to combat this? Well, learn about the […]

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